Additional Services

We dont just repair accident damage

Motor Bodies cover all areas of vehicle repair, modification and maintenance throughout Widnes, Cheshire and the North West. Below are a range of our services, get in touch for more information or FREE impartial advice.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units require servicing to ensure they are working effectively, have yours serviced whilst we are carrying our repairs, it can also save fuel.

We can provide full re-gassing and cleansing services on site at competitive prices, including full recharge to improve performance, cleaning and a service to prevent smells and odours and a professional leak investigation and fault diagnosis.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Most cars encounter scuffs on alloy wheels, these can be quickly and easily repaired then re painted in our booths at very competitive prices saving the expense on a new wheel in many instances.

We can offer a range of alloy and steel wheel refurbishment treatments to get your wheels back to showroom standard!

Pro Align Hunter - Four Wheel Alignment

It doesn’t take too much to throw your wheels out of alignment, unless this is corrected you will suffer from premature worn out tyres. Pot holes and curbs can throw out wheel alignment.  We have extensive knowledge and experience in the alignment not only of your bodywork but also your chassis and its components. This coupled with the latest computer controlled laser measurement equipment, ensures we can handle the complexities of suspension geometry on today’s complex vehicles.

Motor Bodies Widnes use the latest Hunter Elite TD alignment system from Pro-Align. The Elite TD is a clear leader when it comes to imaging alignment technology, delivering fast, accurate alignment measurement times, award winning software and connected customer service.

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Diagnostics and ADAS calibration

Motor Bodies Widnes use specialist TEXA Diagnostics and ADAS calibration tools, equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies. Whatever the fault, we can access the ECU to clear any fault codes or configure the replacement components using a diagnostic tool.

We can also assist with any Radar and Camera Calibration for vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

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Headlamp Setting and Calibration

We use expert MAHA MLT 300 Headlamp setter and calibration tools for quick and objective testing and adjustment of vehicle headlights, taking into account statutory limits and OEM guidelines.

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Electronic Measuring

Motor Bodies Widnes use the NAJA Evolution from CELETTE, an electronic, computer-controlled measurement system that enables high-accuracy measurements for checking and repairing all vehicles, with or without removing the units.

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